Digital LibrariesDigital Libraries

Orix will efficiently convert paper hard copies, digital data, and large paper maps into a well organized, easy to use, queriable library. All scans will be renamed and systematically placed in a well organized folder structure in Windows Explorer and be catalogued in a filterable excel spreadsheet or queriable access database. The library will allow you to quickly find files by data type, subtype, year, company, project name, metal and unique keywords.

Digital LibrariesData Entry

Orix will convert hand written data, drillhole logs, historical maps, and infrastructure into formats that can be uploaded and utilized in 2D and 3D software programs. The benefits of converting paper data to digital databases include the ability to efficiently manipulate and incorporate geological, geochemical and geophysical data into models that can be used for exploration and mining.

Digital LibrariesDatabase Auditing

Orix will evaluate historical drillhole databases and mapping datasets to identify weaknesses, inconsistencies, and errors during a rigorous review process. The assessment will consider rock types, alteration, mineralization, structural information, and assays currently existing in the database. The audit will identify the challenges and provide suggestions for increasing the quality of the database.

Digital LibrariesField Work

During the compilation, interpretation, and modelling process, Orix geoscientists will visit the project areas to verify the data, review drillhole core, and ground truth the geological ideas generated from the interpretation. Orix can also assist in setting up drill programs for companies by establishing procedures and protocols that follow industry best practices. Our services also include core logging, mapping and sampling.

Digital LibrariesCompilation

Orix will compile geological, geochemical, geophysical, topographical, and drilling data into robust 2D compilations. The compilation process involves collecting all historical data, downloading publically available data, creating standardized legends for lithology, alteration, and mineralization, formatting and preparing data, and generating a complete Folio Set that includes topographical, geological, geochemical, geophysical, and drilling information.

Digital LibrariesInterpretation

Orix compiles all data types including historical interpretations, surface mapping, structures, and drillholes. The Orix team will print the sectional and plan maps and all interpretations will be hand drawn using a pencil and paper! This will ensure that all rock types are interpreted and understood prior to completing 3D wireframe solids. All paper interpretations are digitized and imported into Datamine to be viewed in 3D.

Digital Libraries3D Modeling

With all of the geological and structural interpretations loaded into the Datacube, lithological and mineralogical solids can be modelled to reflect the geometry of the different rock types and assay values. Mineralogical solids are built with the geological model as a backdrop and include snapping to drill holes and/or using cut-off grades where applicable. The 3D solids will incorporate drillhole data, drift mapping, and surficial information where possible.

Digital LibrariesTargeting

Based on the geological compilation, interpretation, and modeling, Orix will work with the clients to develop targets for exploration based on the model. Attractive exploration targets and areas where increased infill drilling is required for resource estimation quickly become apparent based on the relationships between mineralization, lithology, alteration and structures identified during the modeling process.