Orix compiles all data types into a single project including historical interpretations, surface mapping, structures, and drillholes.  The Orix team will print the sectional and plan maps and all interpretations will be hand drawn using a pencil and paper!  This will ensure that all rock types are interpreted and understood prior to completing 3D wireframe solids.  All paper interpretations are digitized and imported into Datamine to be viewed in 3D.  Additional interpretations will be completed with oblique and longitudinal section views as appropriate.  All work is peer-reviewed by other team members and our clients to further ensure quality and accuracy.   Our experience has been that this is the best way to gain new insights in the geology, recognize controls on mineralization, and understand the  orientation, characteristics and dimensions of the ore zones.

Orix can quickly compile, interpret, digitize and import geological sections into 3D in prior to creating a mineral envelope. The benefits of building a Datacube include:

1) All rock types can be incorporated into the model, not just the host rocks

2) Ability to see patterns and relationships very quickly and easily

3) Geological interpretations become queriable in 3D space

4) Geological interpretations are foundation for modeling mineralization and ore zones.

5) Clean and easy-to-understand images that aid in exploration, mining, and investor relations.

All aspects of geology can be interpreted and modeled in the same way including alteration, mineralogy, and structures. Alteration and ore minerals can be domained with a geological backdrop and imported into 3D for exploration targeting and mine planning. Structural breaks will be identified through discontinuities in geology, alteration, and mineralization.