Data Entry

Data Entry

Orix will convert hand written data, drillhole logs, historical maps, and infrastructure into formats that can be uploaded and utilized in 2D and 3D software programs.   The benefits of converting paper data to digital databases include the ability to efficiently manipulate and incorporate geological, geochemical and geophysical data into formats that can be used for exploration and mining.

Drillhole Data

All historical drillhole information including collars, surveys, lithology, alteration, mineralization, structures and assays is transferred by a geologist to a digital table that can be used in 2D and 3D software programs.  Rules are defined to ensure the data is standardized and consistent.


All historical mapping information is digitized into a multi-faceted dataset that includes lithology, alteration, mineralization, textures, and structures that can be used for geological interpretation.


Historical underground infrastructure is digitized and brought into 3D to create infrastructure solids.  Back mapping, geochemical chip sampling, and other geological information collected in the infrastructure can be added to the faces, walls, and backs of the infrastructure.